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The Online Karaoke facility allows you to sing-a-long to your favourite tracks from your computer. You can choose from a huge database of songs so there's something for everyone.

Why not try it out now by sampling one of the free sound clips or experience the full benefit of online karaoke by becoming a subscriber.

Each subscription will automatically renew for your convenience at the end of the term you have signed up for (either monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually). If you do wish to cancel at any stage all you need to do is contact us and we will ensure that your subscription is not renewed.

We've launched a brand new streaming service for you!

You can now stream on any device! No more flash!
Plus, the new streaming service now features easier and improved searching.

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ClipStreamTrack NameArtistTrackIDLengthM'facturerAdd to List
Play ClipPlay ClipAmazingWestlife62703:11STTW 2
Play ClipPlay ClipBeautiful WorldWestlife86254:20STTW
Play ClipPlay ClipBop Bop BabyWestlife42384:20STTW 2
Play ClipPlay ClipFlying Without WingsWestlife76983:53STTW
Play ClipPlay ClipFlying Without WingsWestlife33163:43Bought In
Play ClipPlay ClipFool Again (2000 Remix)Westlife33923:46Bought In
Play ClipPlay ClipHey WhateverWestlife49243:42STTW
Play ClipPlay ClipHomeWestlife71233:49STTW 2
Play ClipPlay ClipI Have A DreamWestlife33504:09Bought In
Play ClipPlay ClipI'm Already ThereWestlife78364:28STTW
Play ClipPlay ClipIf I Let You GoWestlife32893:54Bought In
Play ClipPlay ClipIf Your Heart's Not In ItWestlife74494:48STTW 3
Play ClipPlay ClipLighthouseWestlife85984:38STTW
Play ClipPlay ClipMiss You NightsWestlife45723:25STTW
Play ClipPlay ClipMiss You NightsWestlife45483:10STTW 2
Play ClipPlay ClipMy LoveWestlife34573:59Bought In
Play ClipPlay ClipNo NoWestlifeYS12573:33STTW 3
Play ClipPlay ClipQueen Of My HeartWestlife41104:27STTW 2
Play ClipPlay ClipSafeWestlife82844:08STTW
Play ClipPlay ClipShe's BackWestlife62463:26STTW
Play ClipPlay ClipSomebody Needs YouWestlifeYS12583:26STTW 3
Play ClipPlay ClipSwear It AgainWestlife40454:25STTW 2
Play ClipPlay ClipTonightWestlife45743:54STTW 2
Play ClipPlay ClipTotal Eclipse Of The HeartWestlife68124:54STTW 2
Play ClipPlay ClipUnbreakableWestlife44744:51STTW
Play ClipPlay ClipUnbreakableWestlife44034:41STTW 2
Play ClipPlay ClipUptown GirlWestlife30253:09Bought In
Play ClipPlay ClipWhat About NowWestlife78904:25STTW
Play ClipPlay ClipWhat Makes A ManWestlife34724:00Bought In
Play ClipPlay ClipWhen You're Looking Like ThatWestlife41424:02STTW 2
Play ClipPlay ClipWorld Of Our OwnWestlife41563:38STTW 2
Play ClipPlay ClipYou Raise Me UpWestlife60964:16STTW 2
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