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Custom Karaoke CDGs - This unique ‘Custom Disc’ facility allows you to create your own karaoke CD disc by choosing your own tracks from a huge database. You can put them in any order you like and add a personalised title.

Custom Discs are available in CDG format and tracks cost only £2.00 each. Once you've created your disc, just sit back and wait for us to send it to you. Custom Disc CDG's are sent by first class mail and usually arrive within 1 - 2 working days in the United Kingdom.

Please be aware that some tracks may contain offensive language

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ClipTrack NameArtistTrack IDLengthM'facturerSTTW Pack
Play ClipAdvertising SpaceRobbie Williams60674:55STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipAdvertising SpaceRobbie WilliamsZM012054:43Zoom  
Play ClipAdvertising SpaceRobbie WilliamsSF238044:57Sunfly  
Play ClipAin't That A Kick In The HeadRobbie WilliamsSFWS003032:49Sunfly  
Play ClipAngelsRobbie Williams47154:37STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipAngelsRobbie Williams40014:33STTW compilation_icon.gif 
No clipAngelsRobbie WilliamsZM030903:30Zoom  
Play ClipAngelsRobbie WilliamsSFH116124:37Sunfly  
Play ClipAngels (Acoustic Version)Robbie WilliamsSFG15154:43Sunfly  
No clipBe A BoyRobbie WilliamsZM045273:30Zoom  
No clipBe A BoyRobbie WilliamsSF325034:53Sunfly  
No clipBetter ManRobbie WilliamsZM049023:25Zoom  
Play ClipBetter ManRobbie WilliamsSFH176053:40Sunfly  
Play ClipBeyond The SeaRobbie WilliamsSFWS002144:39Sunfly  
Play ClipBlasphemyRobbie Williams79104:32STTW  
No clipBlasphemyRobbie WilliamsZM029843:30Zoom  
Play ClipBodiesRobbie Williams77784:19STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipCandyRobbie Williams88703:37STTW  
Play ClipCandyRobbie WilliamsSFH320093:37Sunfly  
Play ClipCome UndoneRobbie Williams46205:18STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipCome UndoneRobbie Williams46680:00STTW  
No clipCome UndoneRobbie WilliamsZM030913:30Zoom  
Play ClipCome UndoneRobbie WilliamsSFH204164:50Sunfly  
Play ClipDifferentRobbie Williams89544:26STTW  
No clipDifferentRobbie WilliamsZM043543:30Zoom  
Play ClipDo Nothing 'Til You Hear From MeRobbie Williams52313:15STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipDo You MindRobbie Williams79184:37STTW  
Play ClipEgo A Go GoRobbie WilliamsSFWS002103:49Sunfly  
Play ClipEternityRobbie Williams40224:22STTW compilation_icon.gif 
No clipEternityRobbie WilliamsZM030923:30Zoom  
Play ClipEternityRobbie WilliamsSFH181165:14Sunfly  
Play ClipFeelRobbie Williams46374:34STTW compilation_icon.gif 
Play ClipFeelRobbie Williams44133:52STTW  
Play ClipFeelRobbie WilliamsZM020754:31Zoom  
Play ClipFeelRobbie WilliamsSFHH9024:15Sunfly  
Play ClipFreedomRobbie WilliamsZM030934:08Zoom  
Play ClipFreedomRobbie WilliamsSFH061074:39Sunfly  
Play ClipGo GentleRobbie Williams91513:59STTW  
No clipGo GentleRobbie WilliamsZM049903:30Zoom  
No clipHandsome ManRobbie WilliamsZM064383:30Zoom  
No clipHave You Met Miss JonesRobbie WilliamsZM070653:30Zoom  
Play ClipHave You Met Miss JonesRobbie WilliamsSFH180042:55Sunfly  
Play ClipHave You Met Miss Jones?Robbie Williams52102:47STTW compilation_icon.gif 
No clipHeavy Entertainment ShowRobbie WilliamsZM070913:30Zoom  
Play ClipHot FudgeRobbie Williams48664:19STTW compilation_icon.gif 
No clipHot FudgeRobbie WilliamsZM064393:30Zoom  
Play ClipHot FudgeRobbie WilliamsSFM863044:27Sunfly  
Play ClipI Love My LifeRobbie WilliamsYS10653:48STTW  
Play ClipI Will Talk & Hollywood Will ListenRobbie WilliamsSFG15163:34Sunfly  
Play ClipI Will Talk And Hollywood Will ListenRobbie Williams42233:14STTW compilation_icon.gif 
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